For most occasions especially Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, and of course Valentines Day to a different extent you need to give at least a card, thoughtful card or greeting card to let them know you care or a joke or thinking of them!
More often a card which will have a voucher or present inside or the card attached to the present.

Anniversary and Thank You, other cards

Thank you cards and Anniversary cards are the other common cards, newer cards include thanking teacher cards and even a couple of times now I have received a Halloween, and Thanksgiving card… even though I am not from the USA.

Prices can vary as you can get the super cheap (boo) to the luxury or the large cards…. perfect for an embarrassing birthday present or Valentine work delivery perhaps.

Online Greeting Cards

I have turned to online cards more and more now instead of just occasionally, as the normal offerings are often very limiting in the supermarket or card shops, sure they can be cheap but often same old design or only a few of each type.

You can of course if time allows plan ahead and opt for the personalised route, just check the spelling! And sometimes coloured cards will not work with the text.

Funny cards, Rude cards, Exam, graduation cards, engagement, christening cards Get well soon cards, leaving cards, new job cards, plenty of occasions to
I have a number of birthdays around the same time so I find it much easier to go on and add a card or three to an order and save on additional postage.

I can wholly recommend the four card sites I have used numerous times. These links will earn the site a small commission but you will not pay anything more.

Greeting Cards at Amazon

Getting Personal buy Greeting cards for all occasions

Scribbler find the birthday or occasion cards here

My favourite Valentines Card ever!

I do find this I Choo Choo Choose You card for Valentines from Simpsons fame one of the best cards I ever bought my other half. And if you are into some social media it went down very well. It is a shame I couldn’t use it all the time, as its a Valentines Card it has limited use but it is still cool. Search Amazon for this, we won’t link now as they are super tight on any crumbs of commission.