Is your dad or Father if you prefer hard to buy for?

I don’t know about you but Dad must be one of the most complicated people to buy for, hence part of the reason this site (hard to buy for) was set up. So what can we do to help you get something cool, different, or just meaningful to them?

When is Father’s Day next?

Father’s day is next on Sunday 16th June 2024 in the UK. So make sure you plan any items for your hard to buy for Dad in advance. So you can be slightly smug that it is all organised and no need to have a dreaded last-minute panic…. or worse turn up and you have forgotten all about it!

Don’t forget about that important card Fathers Day Cards. Or would writing on a box of beer, bottle, whisky, biscuits or others work also? For the price of the cards some are super cheap, but they are still the traditional buy.

Here are some Father’s Day Gift Ideas to think about. Would he enjoy a trip out doing a tour, a meal out at somewhere different with a view, fishing or something where a bit of a walk and nature followed up by a pub grub special or nearby local roast takeaway?

Driving Experience, Flying ExperienceTour of Silverstone Tour of Wembley or other football stadiums

Present Ideas for Dads or for Fathers Day

Drink Drink Drink – Beers, Ales, and more – Is your dad a bit of a Whisky Drinker, Beer or something else, why not treat your dad to his favourite liquid or try some different ales or ciders, or tipples to make a nice change.
What about a brewing kit or making your own Gin?

Whisky Glass, Wine or Beer, cooling stones, engraved Pint Glass, bottle opener…

Clothing for Father’s Day ideas
You can’t go wrong with a T-shirt, Polo or Cufflinks, Belt, classic dad present of slippers or socks or Wallet

Food Gifts – Favourite sweets or Food into Cheese, Cheese Set, Tools, personalised perhaps if you want to make it a little more unique?

Hmm, what else… perhaps a bit of a gardener, weather items gadgets or tech –  All well-used avenues for ideas in the past, more on this soon..

Garden Ornament or statue if they have a dog or favourite animal, garden voucher so they can buy what they need, as being honest I don’t do gardens… and upkeep, sure cut the grass and that’s about it.

Weather – I will write plenty on this soon perhaps, but my Dad is shall we say a tad Weather obsessed or stating the obvious when it comes to the Live Weather or past or coming up Weather… So maybe if you have similar you can turn the weather route into various gift avenues.  Weather Thermostat, Weather Vane, Sun Dial, and Weather Station have all been installed and used you can never have enough lol.

Can they laugh about it, or would they appreciate a T-shirt with weather on it?