So Valentines Day next falls on a Wednesday in 2024, and yes the date is still 14th February, so you can not use the excuse of forgetting the date.

You have plenty of time to plan for the next one or make more effort. So you need to make sure you… order that card or Valentine’s Day presents are thought about more. Plan for a takeaway or as times on weekends takes so long.

How about a special meal in…. or collect a meal from a nearby pub or restaurant instead?

Or if you have time place an order for some favourite items make-up, perfume, cheese/wine, order, biltong, USA sweets or drinks.

Present ideas for valentines gifts:
Boots is a great place to look for traditional or favourite perfume or present ideas with delivery or click and collect – Perfume, Makeup, Gift sets 

Recommend for flowers Arena Flowers or Bunches personally from experience. Choices from Letterbox Flowers,  a wide variety of bouquets. They are ethical and price wise is very well-priced.
Free delivery on some items, next day by 7pm usually. Coupon codes are clearly shown onsite if offers on:

Well Flowers maybe depending if these are thought well of and “waste of money”
Chocolates, Popcorn,

Gin, Wine, Beer or Cider Selections –
Cheese, Wine, snacks to enjoy together?

Sweets… Sure it’s not long since Christmas but maybe some favourite Chocolate, Selection Box, or biscuits. Perhaps you would prefer to demolish some Ice Cream or Cheesecake (homemade optional)

Personalised Chocolate bars, Toblerone or go for melted chocolate and marshmallows/sweet kit.

Firebox has some great gift ideas

Something a little different Personalised drumsticks, drumstick key rings, chocolate dipping kit to share fondue for chocolate lovers.

Perfume for the lady? Aftershave for the smelly boy or man, treat each other to a new designer scent or a classic scent. Or some creams or sprays for gym or pampering?


Personalised cards always go down well and are sure to be appreciated and kept. They are not very expensive and can be as rude, funny, or caring as you would like. [view cards]

Flowers – Always a favourite, Roses or a selection if you are not sure if she has a preference. Bunches


– Very good prices, preferred over the national chains from £11.99+ inc delivery.

Plan for an experience or day out, animal experience or meal at the Shard or other restaurants. Maybe a spa or boot camp or something together or plan a trip away. Or for her to have a few days away with the girls, Segway, Comedy or a show elsewhere?

If not a Spa Day maybe a massage, sauna, or some pampering at a dedicated spa perhaps before a chilled-out meal together or how about cooking a special meal… or grab a favourite takeaway and just be lucky you have someone to enjoy things with.

Walk along the coast, or a trip to the seaside, a nearby national trust or a heritage place.

Make an effort else you might easily regret it, time will fly, go make time and spend time seeing or doing things.

Experiences for Her

Days Out for Animal Lover, from just visiting a Zoo as normal to becoming a Zoo Keeper, bird of prey, lions, monkeys and many other cool experiences. These allow you to get closer and interact from small Meercat-type experiences to Giraffes and more.

Favourite TV Series or Film, perhaps a mini figure from it or a t-shirt or shirt/style.

Art, picture, or drawing of favourite series or film you enjoyed watching together, or of a holiday place you went to or has memories for you.