Mother’s Day in the UK, landing on 30th March 2024, prompts us to seek out heartfelt gifts for Mum, Mummy, or Ma. To avoid the last-minute scramble and ensure a memorable celebration, consider planning your meal out or securing reservations for a special day well in advance. A touch of foresight not only guarantees a thoughtful gift but also sidesteps the panic-buying of less meaningful presents.

For those who cherish the timeless charm of floral gifts, consider treating your mother to a bouquet of occasional flowers, an Orchid, or a potted plant. These enduring tokens of affection can bloom for years, offering a lasting reminder of your care. For a unique twist on Mother’s Day or birthday gifts, why not opt for a personalised photo mug or a photo collage? Compile cherished memories, snapshots of family moments, pets, or significant holidays into a photo book or design a custom calendar, replacing traditional celebrity themes with personal touches for Mum.

For Photos and photo gifts in the UK Snapfish or something personalised from GettingP has always been a great source for me of perfect presents with prices and service/quality are very good.


Don’t forget to buy your Mum a decent Mothers day card! If you think funny might cut it why not try it, don’t keep going to the same place and buying the same one or two cards each time, put a little thought into it, perhaps an animal, flowers or cute card might be better if you decide. If you are going the online route then as always I can honestly recommend MoonPig, Getting Personal or Scribbler for something different or traditional, plan and combine to save on postage. Cards in more detail here you will, of course, need to pay a little postage or often can use a 3 for 2 deal or similar but I think it mixes it up with a wider choice and sure the convenience of delivering or adding to another order wins it for me.


Flowers for Mother’s day are always a great present idea My Mum is a big fan of Orchids and Poppies amongst others. [Read more on Flower Ideas Here]
Mothers day flowers

Still not sure maybe a meal out virtual or distanced takeaway and when able again maybe a meal out or pub lunch a couple of days on either side?
You will still need a small gift or card. Depending on distance, and time would they like a ticket to a show with a friend if not your thing, or something to make a memory together and take some pictures.
Trip to a forest, beach, park or something not too far away? Maybe combine if the date is kind of close to a birthday, or if you have a sibling see if they will chip in or be involved?

Other gift ideas for Mums

My mum won’t expect or ask for much. Still, I think she really does appreciate the time spent with her maybe a takeaway and night in, maybe a visit around a National Trust place, garden centre for lunch or afternoon tea, a small gift or patch, badge or looking forward to a trip, take the time and make the time!

Treat your Mum to something with a personal touch this Mother’s Day or Birthday, do they have a favourite snack or food? Would she like a personalised wine, champagne or some photo-based gifts or engraving, certain perfume or a shower/bath range…. Magnolia is my Mums…. but not just any, M&S Magnolia.

Is she a Garden fan? Maybe some vouchers for the garden so she can buy plants and pots, animal ornaments or something else, I’m not quite sure why a garden needs so many pots but my Mums sure does 🙂
How about some personalised gardening gifts gloves, kneeler mat, sign etc.

Who can go wrong with some nice smellies for Mum or someone else, bath bombs or just nice moisturisers and creams?

Or maybe she has a sweet tooth? We’ve got that covered too with our range of personalised chocolate gifts and sweets, I’m sure she would have a favourite chocolate or two, but why not maybe try and tempt if they do a different version or limited edition or related to that?

Or if you are still stuck, vouchers are a useful option, or is her favourite store, meal, or afternoon tea?