So the Chrismas festive time of year is getting closer, and we all have those people who are hard to buy for, so how can we help? Now with the sales and more of us buying online it can still sometimes be difficult, to get ideas for those who have everything or don’t have many items.

Those notorious hard to buy for HTB can be planned and worked around. I know my Wife says I am terrible to buy for… but she doesn’t ask what I would like or if I have my eye on a cheeky upgrade or certain treat.

Lego @ John Lewis #ad- Small or Big sets for little or big people, from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends Lego and classics to Christmas specials like this year’s Gingerbread House. Great sets to play with, and why not customise with minifigs also!!

Jigsaw Puzzles at John Lewis #ad so many pets, animals, and characters these are always popular gifts and can be passed on, some people prefer these to Lego or other crafts.

I’m sure I wrote at length about this before but anyhow he I go as I could not find the post, perhaps I deleted it whilst being distracted watching gram photos of animals or something.

Present buying for parents and everyone can sometimes be very hard, so here are some ideas I have used recently to try and help you all out, hard to buy for or not.

The site is a bit scattered, we need some help! But ideas can be found everywhere, and retro or kitchen items may get you thinking of a possible gift idea. Or how you can relate, make or put together something for that certain someone or group of pains to buy for.

Afternoon Tea has been a great present for Birthdays as well as Christmas fits many people and situations, people can take a friend maybe you or someone else. Or maybe a meal out in the new year or combined with a Birthday. It doesn’t have to be a ridiculous price with so many deals around. I haven’t been but Dinner at the Shard etc looks amazing from people, its a good special or memorable occasion.

Vouchers – Always popular but make sure it is for a store they are likely to use, they may not want to be forced to Amazon.

Flowers or plants – I prefer the latter but it depends on the season, maybe instead of a garden centre voucher so they can choose exactly the right shrub, plant or item to plonk in their garden.

Food and Drink – Yes yes and more yes, so many lovely items are around especially at Christmas, for example, where do all the Christmas puds go in the supermarket from Sept-Dec they all seem to vanish apart from the pricey range near the time. Perhaps my favourite Chocolate (Toblerone for Dad White and Large?) box of Chocs, alongside the obvious tin plastic tub of sweets lol. Maybe some gourmet popcorn, or make your own kits.

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Nando gifts perhaps, pimp up your chicken with some funky Nando’s goodness,

Favourite Drink? – Wines, Gin, Baileys (few new ones out) Sloe Gin. Certain IPA or Ales?
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Kits Make your own Cheese, Beer, etc these are my slight changes for this year so it’s a good job my folks shouldn’t be reading this. A slight twist is your Mum into any craft, hobbycraft run basic cheap event taster sessions, to you have any local taster or clubs locally you can find for them to try?

Siblings and Parents – Can be hard to buy for (hardtobuyfor) but it depends on how close you are and how old they are also. Amazon vouchers I think are the best bet often as can be put towards something.

Food and drink items are always good or an item of tech. Or a case to protect the tech, something linked to a favourite animal, film, tv series, Lego.

If you are lucky enough to have your parents and siblings and other family members then please do try and make the effort to take the time to spend with them, buy them something thoughtful or a token. Even if they can be difficult or perhaps not as you would like, remember not everyone has the same and perhaps you take it or them at times for granted.

Try not to hold a grudge. Sure sometimes people don’t get on and if it is at that stage then try and meet half way or try and show willing as things can happen suddenly.

Hopefully, they tried and did the best they could for you, so you should do the best you can for them in return. You don’t know what will happen and some bad things can happen quickly, so don’t regret or refuse to try.

Make the effort and be nice… let them talk, repeat themselves perhaps, but make the effort and appreciate if you are lucky enough to have them in some way in your lives.